meme me

Before the meme can be begun – an announcement! Jenny, of Mama Drama fame, is now The Bloggess as well! Okay, so that means you must go over and read. After you read here, of course. Or go and then come back. Whatever works for you.

And now: the meme! Tagged by Mackey, here are a few bits and bites of me:

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:

  • hanging dark sheets over my windows to try and sleep during the 23 1/2 hours of sunlight I was enduring during the northern summer
  • swatting at mining truck tire sized black flies
  • fishing for pike
  • trying to convince Mr.Q that normal people don’t react to food the way he does
  • starting my first website at Geocities [oh, wow…..need to update that…]

5 snacks:

5 songs I know all the lyrics to:

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire:

  • pay off my father-in-law
  • get a second car [any suggestions]
  • go on a damn nice vacation. or two. or three.
  • redo our floors and bathrooms
  • invest the rest

5 bad habits:

  • speaking too quickly and quietly
  • grinding my teeth
  • chocolate
  • the internet
  • getting distracted

5 things I like to do:

  • cuddle with the Magpie!
  • cuddle with Mr.Q. As long as he hasn’t been sweating or eating too many onions.
  • poke words around. Though you wouldn’t know that, lately.
  • take photos
  • harrass the dog and/or cat

5 things I would never wear again:

  • large, pastel-hued glasses
  • an eye patch with a butterfly sticker on it
  • a dickie
  • a printed turtleneck
  • braces [but medieval retainers are just fine…]

5 favourite toys:

Feeling inspired? Do this one and let me know!

2 responses to “meme me

  1. Thanks for playing!!!
    By the way…I am not familiar with ANY of those songs!

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