so, I lied

You knew this was going to happen. One week after I loudly proclaim that I shall no longer be posting on Fridays and Saturdays, here I am posting on a Friday and planning to post on a Saturday.

You’ll live.

There was no helping today’s post. As soon as it happened, I was plotting it’s web presentation: I got my bangs [fringe, anyone?] cut.

Okay, while good, that’s not really the good part. My stylist [can’t call guys who cut hair hairdressers…don’t know why. mental block of some sort] came to the horrible realisation that I really walk around looking like I do on the days I get my hair cut. You know, the days that you know you’re going to drop a wad of cash on a cut and colour, so why bother doing anything other than to make sure there’s no gum stuck in it because it’s going to look so much better in a few hours anyway?? Yep, that’s how my hair looks pretty much most of the time.

Poor guy. That’s probably not how he wanted to start his day. But it did inspire him necessitate that he have at my head with an array of [two] styling products to uber-mess my hair. Because really, it was suggested, it’s not a good idea to just sleep on one’s hair and run a brush through it [oh….why not, again?], but one must make it look like that on purpose, but better.

I must have had a look or something because he went on:

you have to really mess it up – serious bed head, like you just had a quickie. I mean, people will see you’re hair and they’ll smile. It’ll make them happy and – hell! – I’d be happy for you!

It was at that point that I informed him I would be making that my new quote on the blog. While I love my Emily quote at the bottom of the page, I may need to use some version of this instead. [any thoughts?] Even while I ponder that, though, there are several important, immediate results from this little morning excursion to the salon:

  1. I got my bangs cut – yay!
  2. I now smell like mousse and hairspray. The cat will, unfailingly, sleep on the bed tonight and get stoned off my hair.
  3. You know damned well what was going through my co-workers thoughts when I sauntered in this morning, 40 minutes late, with my uber-messy quickie bed head.

Oh yeah. And of course you, dear readers, get to read about it.

As alluded to at the beginning, this week’s Sunday Edition will be post on Saturday, to make room for the Blog Exchange on Sunday [be sure to stop back on Sunday for that]. Then we’ll see what happens next week…

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