eyes of my child

Hi! I am Jennifer from The Life of a School Bus Driver. Today is the wonderful day of the blog exchange. It is a day I look forward to every month, because I get the inside look at another site. I get to semi-personally meet another blogger with at least that in common with me. I just love it. Anyways, this is why I am over here with Jenn at Quarter Rest and she is over at my site for today, so go send her some love at my site, maybe check out some of the normal stuff that happens in my life while you are there.

This month we are to tell you about the world in the eyes of a child.

In the eyes of a child the world is a really exciting place without any flaws. That is exactly the perception I needed when my daughter was born. It was like she had been sent to me to open up my eyes to a whole new world that was right in front of me.

I love that she can have just the best time standing in the center of the room walking in circles. Just the fact that you can walk in circles is so exciting to her.

I love that seeing a cat on the side of the street while driving in the run down area of town lights up her eyes. She doesn’t see all the junk or the reputations that we have of the place. She just sees a cat. Oh, how I wish I could just see a cat.

All this has made my life more exciting because now I get to explain to her what rocks are or what a circle is. It sure does make a rock and a circle have a whole new meaning for me. I get to see all the circles in the world that I never noticed even being circles a few years ago. It is stuff I just took for granted and never thought about.

Shapes, colors, everyday items all have a new more exciting feel for me because I can imagine seeing them through the eyes of a child. I never could do that before.

7 responses to “eyes of my child

  1. So very true. Having a child changes your perspective on so many things!
    Love the photos! Gorgeous eyes!

  2. That is so great, we are at the stage where eveything has a specific shape and everything is something else. Scrambled eggs are Dinosaurs.

  3. To just see the cat. That is just wonderful. She has the right perspective.

  4. Thanks for the reminder to be thankful for the unlocking of imagination, wonder and delight as a parent.

  5. Thanks for letting me visit your site Jenn. This was a great exchange, I am still not done reading all the entries, but about half way there. I wish you the very best with your site.

    I hope you’ll come over and visit me on occasion..well that part goes to all of you.

    Thanks everyone else for visiting. My daughter does have a great prospective and sort of seeing even just part of it. Is the best!!

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