I want an old wooden porch swing! (I have no porch…)

<img src=”http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o174/mothergoosemouse/ParentBloggersNetwork.jpg” alt=”Parent I think Mr.Q now has reason to worry about this whole Parent Bloggers Network thing…I just read Garage Sale America and I’ve now awoken my bargain hunting bug.

I must admit to never really grasping the concept of garage sales. Antique stores and flea markets, yes. Garage sales, no. At the end of the day, it’s probably all the same stuff, but with a larger markup in the store. So I needed a book like this to get me over whatever mental block I’m barricaded behind and head out in the wee hours of my weekend mornings to peruse other people’s stuff.

Hell, the Magpie has us up that early anyway.

My fear, I think, is that I will end up buying tonnes of stuff that I like, but have no need, use or place for – when my house is already crowded enough. But, through, Garage Sale America, I have discovered my why I want to start snooping in my neighbours’ yards: the photo ops. The photos alone are worth this book: a plethora of pink flamingos, a tumble of bird houses or a set of old coffee cans. Many of the photos are quirky, fun and lead you right into the accompanying stories. There are good hints, great sideline stories and, at the end, amazing inspiration to use all the really good stuff that can be found in another’s front lawn.

I like:

  • the photos!
  • the personal stories that came along with the items and the sellers.
  • the realisation that I need to get out there and look around

I disliked:

  • by the nature of the beast [the book is titled Garage Sale America], all the tips for great haunts are in the States but I have no doubt that the remaining tips for buyers and sellers alike are wholly applicable north of the border.

The verdict:

  • This is a fun and enlightening little look at what’s out there waiting to be bought and given a new purpose, and what people are willing to try and sell you. I’ll be leaving it out on my coffee table – not only for guests to have a look and a smile, but for myself as well. Right next to the garage sale ads in next week’s paper.

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