mid-week photo op

This lovely little tv now sits atop the dresser in our bedroom. It replaced its scrawny, sickly cousin – the 13″ of limited channels, born in the late ’80s – and has added a certain sleekness, a certain clarity to the room.

My eyes weren’t really getting worse. It was just the damn tv crapping out.

Its purchase was an ordeal, as Mr.Q insisted on comparison shopping, right up to the moment I had my hand on the last of its kind on the shelf. Despite shopping around on line for the best deal and the appropriate bells and whistles, we still had to made a last minute stop at another store en route to our chosen destination…just to “see what they have”.

Twenty minutes later [okay, maybe 15], I called him on the cell and had to talk him down and convince him that it was okay to leave the electronics department. They didn’t have the tv we wanted: they had a bigger one. No, it wasn’t cheaper than the one we wanted, but it was a [marginally] better deal, relatively speaking. Yes, this is the guy who prices out toilet paper per roll. Per sheet, if we start talking double-sized rolls. He thought this bigger, more economically … something … tv would probably still fit on the dresser. Maybe. He could make and offer and see if they accepted, no loss, right? On the display model, maybe?

It probably was a good deal. For a 32″ tv. If we needed or even wanted or could even fit a 32″ tv in the bedroom. By the time I harangued, cajoled, joked and finally scolded him out of the store, I suspect most the of sales guys had gathered around him, smelling weakness and an itchy credit card. Too bad for them. We went on to the tv of choice and snagged the one he claims to have wanted all along. And then, its purchase necessitated the purchase of more, newer and better sets of cables and surge protectors. Oh joys. But, through a fortuitous previously scheduled night out, I did not have to be there for the installation and, now, I get to watch – and see! – the late evening shows and all of those ugly old cables are miraculously out of view.

Yes, the PS2 has been moved to the bedroom. I don’t know why. Yes, that’s the baby monitor in front of the tv. I don’t know why. And those are DVD boxes off to the right. Can anyone guess the movie playing?? Correct guesses get the right to gloat!

Okay it’s only been a few eons, but I finally wrote something new. Borders on angsty, but – hey! – it’s been a while. I need to work back up to these things!

2 responses to “mid-week photo op

  1. If that movie isn’t Monty Python and The Meaning of Life then I have no idea. Even if it isn’t I shall now be singing All Things Dull And Ugly at work tomorrow…..curses!

    Oh … nice TV! The process sounds painfully similar to how I buy big ticket items. My wife loses her mind as I research and research and research some more until she finally snaps and just orders me to go get it and not to come home empty handed. That’s why there’s a 42 inch behemoth in the basement now.

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