too good to be true

Over the years, there have been places that Mr.Q and I have seen – in person or on paper – that have intrigued us, stuck in our brains and made us whisper one day we want a place like that.

A view, open layout, easy landscaping, not a fixer-upper. That’s basically what it boils down to. We’re not renovators. We’re not really gardeners. We putz a little, but I still haven’t filled in the holes in the ceiling from changing a light fixture three months ago and I’m not sure that my little pot of chamomile will survive the summer.

So, when a flyer comes around for new condos, we usually ignore it. But last week, one came around proclaiming to have view penthouses. For what we reasoned to be quite reasonable prices. Okay, reasonable prices for a penthouse in the lower mainland. And, out of sheer nothing-to-do, we went and looked. We saw the token 5th floor display suite, the penthouse floor plan, the finishing options and, had we left at that point, we would have never spoken about it again. But, the saleswoman took us up to the unfinished penthouse. With the open floor plan. And the views. Oh my god, the views. Decks all around – east, north and west – and a rooftop deck. With views of the river. As though you were on the godforsaken river.

We now have issues. As Mr.Q noted, this is exactly the kind of place we wanted. Later. No one thought this sort of thing would come up now. With the sale of our current place, we could technically swing it. But do we put an offer in?

I have possible reservations about the area – we’ve never spent much time there and I’d need to look around for parkland and services. From growing up in a small town, I have unfounded prejudices toward apartments – as I did before moving into a townhouse – and can hear the nagging condemnations that a child should grow up with a backyard. Not that she has one now, and not that we’d ever be able to afford a yard the size of this [very secure] rooftop deck. And we found out that the sales centre just jacked the price up by 10% to reflect “current market value”.

That doesn’t answer the question of whether or not we should put an offer in. But, it’s the kind of thing that we may regret if we let it slip by us now without even trying. We’re just worried that we’ll also regret it if we go for it. I mean, what if we don’t like it??

Well, we could always move again.

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