July the 13th

This whole month has been a Friday the 13th at work. Weirdness all around, every day. Crankiness all around, every day. Short staffed, busyness all around. Last minute changes every day. Rude people every where.

But we’re not really permanently stuck on Friday the 13th, the new moon nor even the full moon. [should one put faith in those things but, even if you don’t, you at least pay attention. oh please, you know you do] So what gives? Are people mad to be at work on the sunny days? Pissed off on the days that it’s not sunny because it’s summer and it should be sunny? Horrifically dejected that we were kicked out of the FIFA U20 so ridiculously early?

Whatever it is: get over it, people. You’re starting to bring me down. And, really, I’ve seen you. I don’t want to go there.

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