but, I digress

My poor beleaguered brain – when it’s functioning at all – is being pulled in far too many directions since the Great Return to Work in June. I am still fussing about the Magpie’s naps, her food introductions, her eating in general and her in general while now my job duties, the commute, lunches and office politics back into the mix. I’m going off on too many tangents and may soon be doing none of them well.

Like reading and leaving comments on blogs…

But the Magpie is fine. More than fine, nearly every day, with her dad, who has her on a better eating schedule than I did and seems to [usually] have her New Food of the Week under control. And I am letting him do it, honestly without interfering [much]. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think about it. How can I not when there are babies on the bus in the morning? Toddlers in coffee shop with their dad? Baby seagulls on the low rise across the street being corralled and fed by mama and daddy seagull?

Yes, even carrion fledglings get me all maternal.

Bloody hell. It’s not Mommy Brain. It’s over-multi-tasking. It’s about being distracted. It’s about focus, people. Please tell me it’s just about focus… and a little organization. Because it does me no good to realise that the dog needs a new order of arthritis meds as a result of seeing a little dog on the street at lunch hour: I’ll only forget again by the time I get back to work. What with thinking of the afternoon’s job-related activities while wondering if anyone’s seen the third baby seagull walking around yet today. And if the Magpie walked any farther at play group today and what they served there for snack. And if Mr.Q fed her the New Food and whether or not we’re still serving the New Food by itself or giving it with her meals…. and I really should do laundry.

So, that’s it, right? I just need to focus on the tasks at hand, make myself little to do lists for my lunch breaks – like: phone vet for arthritis meds – and trust that Mr.Q will tell me what I want and need to know about the Magpie’s days. And stop staring at the baby seagulls.

I think the parent seagulls are starting to give me the evil eye, anyway.

One response to “but, I digress

  1. It is so difficult to be a mom and have a career. The old BS about having it all is just that…BS. Magpie is lucky to be able to have her daddy home while you are at work. The stresses of chid care would just add to your dismay. I wish I could tell you it is as simple as focus…but once you are a mommy….you are always torn.

    I had lists…of home stuff, of work stuff, of all sorts of stuff …. that were with me all the time…just to keep it same.

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