Sunday Edition XXIX

Without the video part. Which is, really, what Sunday Edition is all about, but YouTube is being painfully, painfully slow and I refuse to now resort to taking piss poor quality video on my camera just to upload it quickly. Though, yes, I know the quality on my webcam is no better, but it does eliminate the middle step by allowing me to [theoretically] .

Regardless, this week, you get a written post while I figure out how to continue the Sunday Edition videos. Because I rather like them.

What I was going to tell you about was the Magpie’s first real, verified illness. That little fever from Thursday? Yeah, that was diagnosed as tonsillitis on Friday. We have spent the days coddling our poor little one. Extra hugs, rubbing her back to sleep, all the blueberries she wants and general spoiling. But now that she is nearly completely mended, she is still expecting this star treatment. Vegetables? Phah. A one verse lullaby? Three minutes of crying. It has taken the last two days to undo the spoiling of the two before.

She’s a quick study.

It is looking like we won’t be needing the antibiotic prescription we were given on the off chance that her throat culture came back positive. She is decidedly on the mend: still a little tired, but definitely not sick like she was. I just hope this isn’t a case of history repeating itself. I had ear infections and tonsillitis up until my tonsils and adenoids were taken out and I am now waiting with dread to see if another infection follows in the near future.

I know I’ll need something to keep from worrying about it too much … a distraction … like checking out video options online.

One response to “Sunday Edition XXIX

  1. Oh, a shame about youtube certainly but even more so about the baby being sick! Waaagh!
    I am glad she’s on the mend. I was a chronic ear infection kind of kid, until they took out my tonsils when I was four. I remember loads about that, though the memories feel a little surreal.

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