While I’ve blogged on other days when world events seemed to suggest that I should take a moment, today I find myself unable to.

Whether that is due to tragedy of a bridge collapsing south of the border or the very recent passing of a pregnant high school acquaintance due to a previously unknown health problem, I don’t know. Or perhaps it is due to both. The suddenness, the helplessness, the randomness in each instance and the different impact of each – one larger than I can comprehend, the other, the intimateness of a woman and her unborn child – I think has left me so much further dazed than whatever cold virus struck my head this past week.

Perhaps it is just time I call it a night.

3 responses to “loss

  1. Sometimes the world leaves us stunned. Just cuddle your Magpie, look into her eyes and know there is good in the world.

  2. I have been struggling with the same sorts of things this week. While still reeling from the bridge collapse and waiting to see if anyone I knew was hurt or injured I found out that a blogging friend of mine had suddenly died. Rough week.

    I am sorry for the grief you must be feeling for you friend. It must be such a shock to go from being excited about an impending birth to dealing with such a devastating loss.

    Take your time. We will be here when you get back.

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