as I beat myself up for my lack of zen

I swear to god that there was a little boy at the corner store the other day named Zen. At least, that’s what his dad appeared to be calling him, though the little guy wasn’t really listening, so perhaps that wasn’t his name after all…

But that little guy at least has a head start on his awakening. I have decided today that I am an idiot. It has been well over a year since I was in my last yoga class and, although I have done a smattering of stuff at home that pretty much only counts for stretches, I appear to have suffered more than I realise.

I am seriously messed up.

I mean, I knew there were issues. I was harbouring a 10 pound baby who has since sprouted to 24 pounds and I’ve been carrying her around in some form a great deal of that time. I’ve been napping where, when and how time permits and have barely seen my chiropractor. So it should have come as no surprise that my entire left side is more like a toughened old piece of the dog’s rawhide toy instead of a brand new rubbery smelling elastic band. It should have come as no surprise that I could only hold my balance poses for as long as a crossed eyed, peg legged, drunken pirate. It should have come as no surprise that my arms, abs and legs would shake half way through each pose.

But it did, a little. I did have a lot more muscle memory than I thought I would have, but I also felt a lot more burn than I thought I would have.

Makes me kinda glad that I signed up for all four sessions this month…

5 responses to “as I beat myself up for my lack of zen

  1. That’s funny. It’s my right side that’s completely out of whack for the exact same reasons. Though you’re doing something about it and I’m on the internet reading blogs and ignoring the fact that the 14 month old behind me is totally destroying my CD collection.

  2. I returned to yoga when my son was just under a year and I was very frustrated at how much I’d lost. But, truth is, with perseverance it all comes back slowly. And now my yoga class is what keeps me sane and balanced and aligned … as much as is possible lugging around a tantrum-throwing, back-arching, 32-lb, 22 month old!

  3. Yea for you for getting back on the horse! I miss doing yoga, and keep chastising myself every day I don’t start again. I just can’t seem to make the time or build up enough motivation!

  4. It is very important to make the time to care for yourself. I think it makes a mother a better mother when she also makes her own needs a priority!

  5. I haven’t done yoga since I was pregnant! I am so achy and untoned! I need a nanny! I love my son u ti Need time off to pamper ( as i write this he is crawling around my head)

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