mid-week photo op

My electric piano. It’s electronic and has only 77 keys and is called an electric piano, I believe, because it only has a half a dozen different sounds and does no fancy schmancy stuff that a “keyboard” will do. Oh, the keys are sort of weighted, too, to give a marginally more realistic feel, but whatever. It’s over 10 years old, now, and both my sister and I got one after my parents sold the piano. I am in awe that it has lasted this long, but would really like to get a better electric piano one day. I have no delusions of owning a real piano and kind of like the headphone option of an electric. I suspect my neighbours like the headphone option too.

Added bonus: the Magpie thinks it’s hilarious to whack the keys and loooooves the first half of the demo track that it plays.

Not related, but too good to pass up: Mr.Q used to work in the mining industry. He still gets emails for courses and industry news. Yesterday he received an email offering him a training opportunity: Cyanide short course.

No kidding…

One response to “mid-week photo op

  1. I want a piano SO badly. I miss it a lot. *sigh*

    My mom used to let kids play on her pianos but the rule was that they could only use one finger at a time…thus no whacking. 😀

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