I was damned near run down and trampled in my own basement

And all for a little video footage.

Mr.Q came upstairs after taking out some garbage and demanded the camera. And an entire roll of paper towel. I told him that if he really needed an entire roll of paper towel he was not going to get near my camera. So, I followed him downstairs with it and risked life and limb for photos and footage of the World’s Largest Spider That Tried to Eat Me.

I’m pretty sure that it was a variety of wolf spider, but I’m sure some bug-knowing folk will set me straight somewhere along the way. Regardless, it was big. It was fast. It was twitchy. It had a rather hungry look in its many eyes. It was in my basement and Mr.Q took forever to get it out.

It was finally chauffeured into the underground parking via a paint roller extension handle and a steel toed boot, where it was last seen in the vicinity of our neighbour’s ragtop. I wish it a long and happy life. Far away from me. But I still need time to recover. I can’t even really look at the photos at the moment, or I would have one here for you, I swear. I will put one up soon and link to the video when it’s done. I may have to make Mr.Q do it. Give me a few days. I’ll be better. I’ll lose my fear of the basement and stop jumping every time I brush past my coat hanging on the wall or feel a stray hair on my back. I’ll stop seeing twitchy motions out of the corner of my eye and I’ll stop sleeping with my contacts in just so I can see the ceiling above me clearly [you know they love the ceiling…]. Really, I”ll get there.

As long as we don’t find an egg sac or several hundred fast, twitchy, hungry spider babies in the months to come…

One response to “I was damned near run down and trampled in my own basement

    I mean a WOLF SPIDER sounds like some kind of a monster werewolf spider…. OMG!!!! Sorry i’m not trying to scare you seriosly i have a phobia for spiders too allow i live in the U.K. and we don’t have any poisonus ones here but still they freak me out, but don’t worry you’ll get over it soon i’m sure! *confiedunt face* (can’t spel lol) GET WELL SOON!!!!

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