what we do, we do together

At 14 months old, you wouldn’t think that finding family time should be much of an ordeal. But, having just gone back to work, and with Mr.Q’s return creeping up on him daily, it will soon be relegated to evenings and weekends. Even now, with one parent one home during the day, there is most often a hand off as soon as the other walks in the door so the stay-at-home can catch up on supper, dishes, sanity…

Stuff gets planned on the weekends – group stuff that involves all of us, and often others. But, those are almost special events. The aquarium, though frequented, is still a big trip. A drive to the beach with friends is fun, but more of a social endeavour than family togetherness. So, what is our one thing that we do regularly, together where we actually get to spend time as a family?

The evening walk.

The Magpie, Mr.Q, me and the dog. It’s a thing. The dog needs to go, rain or shine, and we almost always all go along. And we talk. We all run around the field. We look at the birds. And we say ‘hi’ to the other dogs and babies out for their walks. We all feel a little better for the fresh air and break from whatever we were working on that day. Who cares if it delays the dishes by an hour or the vacuuming by another day [or three]? The queen won’t be stopping by unannounced for tea. The in-laws might, but not the queen.

It’s not profound. It’s not structured or goal-oriented or milestone-enhancing. It’s a walk and it involves all of us. And I hope we get to keep doing it nearly every night for a long while.

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4 responses to “what we do, we do together

  1. Now there’s a good reason to get a dog.

    If I could only convince my husband…

    In the meantime, we have our intermittent walks and dance parties in the kitchen.

    You’re right; no rules, just be together!

  2. Oh yes we do our evening outings too. Sometimes walks, sometimes food shopping, and now just run out to the beach. It’s so important and I do not want to be away from the baby but might have to soon in the day!

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