yes, the car can be a vehicle to fun, too

My poor, poor, beleaguered, aging dog….

We took him out in the car tonight to a nearby park for our walk, instead of the usual walk around the neighbourhood. He was so, so very happy and ran around [even though he is not supposed to, due to his poor, beleaguered, aging hips] and could barely fathom that he wasn’t on his usual path.

It was then that we realised that all his car trips of recent memory – his and ours – have been to the vet’s. No wonder he started smiling as soon as the car made an apparent wrong turn. He was even happy sharing his backseat with the Magpie.

Don’t get me wrong – he goes out and about lots, meets his little buddies, avoids the ones who want to be boss. We just have to make sure to get him out a little farther afield.

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