Sunday Edition XXXII

sick and stick

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I’ve just realised, listening to this that the line that references being pregnant and now we have to do something about it sounds rather … really not into being pregnant. Just to clarify our personal stand on a hypothetical pregnancy at this exact moment in our lives: were we to find ourselves pregnant, we would be happy! Confused, but very happy.

Phew. Didn’t want to risk turning a Sunday Edition into a pro- vs. anti- choice kinda thing, but didn’t want to leave that hanging. Back to you daily grinds, people!

One response to “Sunday Edition XXXII

  1. I think it’s clear that you’re referring to do something about the IUD, not the pregnancy.

    And I felt the same way – confused, but happy. Okay, shocked is probably more accurate than confused. I did grin at the two lines, even as I dialed my doc for an appointment.

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