in the side pocket

I am carrying a diaper around in my purse.

We are now at the stage where we are willing to step out for brief jaunts with only an extra diaper – no giant diaper bag with the world packed in case of a myriad of emergencies. It’s rather nice. We have an awesome diaper bag, but it is huge. There are smaller ones and more stylish ones out there, I’m sure, but far be it from burden Mr.Q with a less than unisex item.

So, I forget to remove the diaper and I spend all day wandering around with one. Sadly, I was unable to display my readiness for any emergency. Oddly enough, there are simply no toddlers in need of diapers running around my work. And those on the bus seemed to be well taken care of.

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll remember to leave baby necessities at home. Because as ready-for-anything as I am, pulling out a diaper to pay the lunch tab doesn’t really cut it.

One response to “in the side pocket

  1. Oh my god! I totally did/do the same thing.

    Every bag in the house has a few diapers and a handy package of to-go wipes.

    I recently got All Dressed Up for my sister-in-law’s bridal shower (the hubs had the toddler for the day [!!!]) and brought along my Big Girl Handbag. Of course, we played obnoxious bridal shower games, including What’s in Your Purse? In my purse I did not have a tube of lipstick, a Tide To-Go Pen, nor any mints or chewing gum. In my bag I DID have a number of binkies, a small tube of Triple Paste diaper cream, two Pampers Cruisers, and thing of Huggies wipes. Needless to say, I did not win any prizes.

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