I’ve itchy skin, but I’m not ready for the cure

I’ve been more aware of my tattoo lately. Shows like LA Ink [on right now] and Miami Ink aren’t helping. I’m getting twitchy, itchy, thinking about adding more colour to my back. I have a place to go – the same one I went to for my first/only tattoo, even though the girl who did it isn’t there any more. I have a vague idea of a couple of the concepts I want, but I’m not married to any given exact image at the moment.

But, the bigger problem is that I have no clue how a new tattoo could possibly fit on my back and look like it fits in. And, really, that’s exactly why you go to a good place with good artists who know what they’re doing. Because they know what they’re doing. They know how to work stuff in and I suspect they’re happier with a little leeway to mould things as they envision.

Giving over that kind of control for something that will be permanently etched on my body scares the shit out of me.

I’m not a complete and utter control freak [okay, I may have tendencies…], but this is serious stuff! I know that I get to authorize the image before they actually set it down, but it took me a long time to settle on the simple, un-embellished piece I got. How am I to be completely at peace with something I see minutes before the tattoo gun starts buzzing?

But I want a little more embellishment. I want a little more coverage. I need to let it go and let the professionals have at it. I willingly let my stylist have his way [but hair grows back!], I should be able to let a tattoo artist have his.

I have a little while to get my backbone built up and my blind faith trust entrenched. I won’t be considering it seriously until I have stopped breastfeeding. Added bonus? I’ll be able to have a few stiff drinks to loosen my grip on the reigns, then, too.

3 responses to “I’ve itchy skin, but I’m not ready for the cure

  1. Oooo! Ink fun! I would love to see the final outcome! That being said, you better look long and hard for just the right artist. Get references and look at lots of pictures. You don’t want any yahoo with some needles and a gun to throw up some flash on your beautiful back! Happy hunting!

  2. aaaah – No To Flash!! and I spent eons picking the location last time and had it down to two artists whose work I loved. while one who did tattoo me is gone, I think I’ll contact the other one and check out his work again a little more.

    not to worry 🙂 when – not if! – it gets done, there will be photos aplenty

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