seriuosly old newness

So….um…yeah. This is what happens when you find out that you can do a Technorati search on your flickr photo stream and find out all sorts of places where people have used your [Creative Commons tagged] photos. Then you think, hey!, I should do a Technorati search on my blog! I haven’t done that in ages! And then you discover that you were tagged for a meme, like, nearly three months ago and didn’t clue in.


Turns out today is a meme kind of day – as in, I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about. With sincere apologies to mothergoosemouse for the lateness in responding, here it is: 18 new, previously undivulged [I think] things about me.

  1. I’ve never smoked, but I kind of like the smell of some nicotine products. But that only goes for some brands of Canadian smokes and pipe tobacco. I’ve never met an American cigarette that I could be within 50 feet of.
  2. I am, by turns, horrified, intrigued and confused by skin: blackheads, zits, skin tags, moles, stray long hairs…. bizarre stuff.
  3. If I have any say in the matter, I prefer my sandwiches dry: no mayo, no mustard, no butter or margarine.
  4. I don’t like going to movie theatres.
  5. Nudity’s fine by me.
  6. I shudder at the thought of something going wrong with my knees or ankles. Other body parts? Eh. Doesn’t bother me. Knee or ankle joints? Serious cringing.
  7. When my adult eye teeth came in, they were over top of my baby eye teeth: both baby teeth had to be pulled and I had a retainer to bring the adult ones down.
  8. I had to have my last baby teeth pulled in grade 11, so I could get my braces.
  9. I have three toenails that are a little on the thick side.
  10. Mr.Q thinks they are the grossest things ever in the history of gross things.
  11. I talk to myself at work. It’s a lab thing.
  12. I talk to myself outside of work. That’s a crazy thing.
  13. I don’t understand the concept of hanging onto regrets.
  14. I like cereal. A lot.
  15. I quite literally kick Mr.Q when he snores.
  16. I like to eat lunch alone: it’s my me time.
  17. I don’t always [hardly ever] separate darks and lights.
  18. I like pigeons.

What? Tag people at this late date? C’mon, this meme is now so last season! But if you do want to do it, or did it way back when, leave a comment and let me know. Otherwise I may not get around to reading it for some ridiculous amount of time.

One response to “seriuosly old newness

  1. Technorati is a big ol’ scary wasteland to me… I’ve NEVER understood that stupid site. How do you search to see if others have used your photos?

    Love your list. I feel the same way about skin. It’s weird. But cigarettes? Stinky McSinkerama. Canadian, American, Madagascar…an? They all make me gag!

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