it’s all fun and games until somebody falls asleep

I have decided why I would not make a good stay-at-home mom: I am not an outwardly interesting person.

Don’t get me wrong – I can carry on an interesting conversation quite well. I like to think that there are interesting things about me. And I certainly have interests I partake in; they just tend to be of the more introverted [selfish?] nature. Hard to make writing poetry a captivating event for a 15 month old, really.

I’m not crafty. I am not a natural performer and my wanderings through nature then toward quiet and observant rather than boisterous and exciting. How enjoyable is that for a toddler?

Now, I can be engaging. I can make a mess and twist up a few pipe cleaners and I love, love play dough. I was, modesty aside, the favourite babysitter of many a child during my high school years and like to delude myself that I have retained some of that enthusiasm and ability to connect. Just not seven days a week. Or even five, for that matter. It’s not that a kid shouldn’t learn how to have quiet time. It’s just not the only thing they should learn.

Or perhaps mama just needs to learn to loosen up a little more.

One response to “it’s all fun and games until somebody falls asleep

  1. Eh, Toddlers are pretty entertaining in their own right. I just sit back and laugh at mine and let her do all the work.
    ; )

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