mid-week photo op

Peppermint leaves. Dried and boxed in old tea tins with a bit of waxed paper.

First ones I’ve actually kept and not used fresh, so I have no idea how well this whole tea thing is going to work out. But I do love peppermint tea, so if this does happen to work there is just added incentive to keep my pot of peppermints [regular and chocolate peppermint] alive and green.

I’ve managed to store some lemon balm, too, though the chives I tried to dry just kind of wilted pathetically. I did manage to set aside some spearmint quite nicely.

The Magpie is even getting into this whole gardening [and I use the term loosely] thing, or at least the watering part. And the dirt part. We’ll have to work on the not-destroying-the-plants part a little more.

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