wait, what is that sensation? (psst – read through, then go win shoes!)

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Sorry, had to regroup there… Anyway, exercise. I have a difficult time reconciling the daily walking and light hiking that I do as “exercise”, but really it is. It does get my heart rate up: pushing a 25lb toddler uphill in a stroller, carrying her around and/or chasing her, keeping my Shiba on the go to help his hips and striding along lots of stairs, hallways and tunnels at work. Good shoes can simply make or break a day.

When it comes to running shoes, I have had a Brand Loyalty for the last decade. Sure, every time I go to get a new pair, I try several different kinds on. But I always end up with the same name. They fit, they have good support and they’re comfortable… after a little breaking in.

So, how is it that the first time I set foot – literally – into a pair of Ryka MC2 walking shoes [their arrival arranged through the Parent Bloggers Network], they fit like a dream? Right off the bat. There was no rocking back on forth on my foot to see if the pokey areas would mould to me over time or questions of trying to tighten the laces a little more to fix a sloppy heel. These shoes just plain fit. And the first steps? Dreamy. Comfortable and easy, with almost a little push to get me going.

And, as if that weren’t enough, the MC2’s are lovely to look at. I even wore them to work – something I never do, despite working in a fairly casual environment – and received the compliments immediately. My co-workers wanted to know who made them and where they could get their hands on some.

These have stood up well so far, wipe clean easily and give me second thoughts when reaching for my other little lovelies in the morning before heading off to work, and at my old runners before heading out to hit the paths in the evening. With three doors on three different levels in my house, I’ve even gone hunting for these shoes instead of grabbing the nearest pair of whatever.

I liked:

  • oh my god, these shoes are comfortable
  • for me, there was excellent arch support and a great heel fit: my two big, big criteria when shopping for running shoes
  • they’re lovely! no neon, springy things at the heel or over the top gaudiness

I disliked:

  • after some extensive walking, I started to notice the balls of my feet – nothing bad or sore – I’m just … aware of them. perhaps I’m just more used to wearing actual running shoes that may provide a little more cushioning there.
  • this is not a true dislike at the moment, but I am a little worried about how these shoes will hold up in the winter wet of the west coast. There is no mesh on top of the toes – they’re all leather – and we’ll have to see what happens in a good rainstorm.
  • Ryka, from my brief internet searching, doesn’t seem to be sold in Canadian stores my apologies – they are available in Canada! Thank you, k8, for the info – and I am now a very happy girl.

The verdict:

  • These shoes have made me question everything I thought I knew about my former running shoe Brand Loyalty. How can I go back? These shoes outright fit me and offer both comfort and a clean look that I will absolutely want to find again when I need a new pair. Will they be in Canada by then? Will I have to make the trek across the border or risk the wrath of a cranky custom’s agent [cranky, no doubt, due to their not knowing about Ryka and so choosing uncomfortable and ugly footwear]? Whatever the deal, I have the feeling that I will be searching these shoes out again.

But what if you’re into something a little more serious than the stroller stroll or slug side-stepping in the city park? The Parent Bloggers Network made sure that the full range that Ryka offers were tested – go have a read of some real life trials. And then head over to Ryka. They’re giving away shoes. Yes, giving away shoes! Go now!

3 responses to “wait, what is that sensation? (psst – read through, then go win shoes!)

  1. I’ve not worn the Ryka’s. I’ve SEEN them but they look like they’d work well enough in the rainy winters. I mean, maybe they’ll get a little wet and stuff but if the leather is tanned correctly, it shouldn’t shrink or anything.

  2. I would think the mesh is worse in the rain? YOur feet get wet? But then again, that shows what I know about running/walking! (or at least doing it in proper shoes?)

    And boo hissy, only Americans are worthy of free shoes. It won’t accept my “zip code.”

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