you have no proof that I have ever worn these out in public

When I went back to work in June, I did a good gutting of my closet. It was, really, the only way I could justify buying new clothes – you know, ones that actually fit.

Out went the pilled black pants. Out went the too-short tees and the too-low jeans. But, I must now admit that something did stay. Deep in the bottom drawer of my dresser lives an old pair of pajama pants. Large, plaid, flannel, gathered, tapered pajama pants. Did I mention large? With that nearly at the knee crotch? Oh yeah, and huge, bulky pockets.

Because you never know when you might need to bring your wallet, keys and a small assortment of packaged snacks to sleep with you…

I don’t know why I haven’t gotten rid of these. Perhaps after ditching my old sweats and stretched out yoga pants I felt I needed something to wear in case I got sick or the heating broke. And… wait for it … they are comfortable.

As long as nobody sees them…

My hideous wardrobe has been brought to you today by another Parent Bloggers Network Blog Blast and The Little Black Book of Style by Nina Garcia (ELLE fashion director and Project Runway judge). Got your own issues in your closet? Post about them today, let PBN know and you could win a $250 Coach gift certificate! Now that’s worth a little humiliation.

6 responses to “you have no proof that I have ever worn these out in public

  1. I have a very similar plaid pj pant. And I have shirts to match! EEEK!

    But wanna know the double-EEK? I just ordered some plaid flannel pj pants from my son’s new school — that’s right, Mommy’s gonna wear embarrassing SpiritWear!

  2. Wow. Those are….pretty. Yeah, pretty, that’s it!

    Please tell me you’re giving those away!

  3. Nothing wrong with pajama pants. I have several pair. Tucked at the back of my closet of course!

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