oh, wait, this is supposed to be a give and take relationship

Back at work. And commuting. And spending as much time as I can with the Magpie without destroying her wonderful sleep habits with which we have been so blessed. Takes up a lot of time, you know?

So why on earth would I want to see two days’ worth of left over bits of food on unwashed dishes, bills, empty grocery bags, charging Wii remotes and a plethora of naturopath pills in my kitchen after my shower? I was on my way to the computer after all, and just stepped in for a glass of water …. or wait. All the glasses are in the dishwasher – clean, at least, but unemptied.

After pitching a small fit cleaning binge and freaking out on requesting my husband’s assistance, I realised that doing a few loads of laundry each week probably doesn’t count for pulling my weight around here. Mr. Q does most of the cooking for the adults [trust me, he insists – everyone’s much happier that way] and now he takes care of the Magpie 5+ days each week. And has been looking after the pets an inordinate amount lately, too.

I’ve had more than sufficient time to get back into the swing of things at work and we now know what my days look like for time and what I am additionally capable of fitting in. The whole martyred thing only works if you’re actually working your ass off.

So, really I could graciously clean the kitchen on a regular basis. Really, I should. And will. Without pointedly banging the pots.

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