yoga pants ain’t going to cut it 24/7

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I have a sense of aesthetics. Really, I do. The problem is that it nearly exclusively applies to everything and everyone else. I appreciate a gorgeous piece of art, architecture or engineering. I love the craftsmanship in a musical instrument or piece of furniture. And I love the texture, the weight and the luxury of a beautiful book.

And the first impression of The Little Black Book of Style is that of a stunner. [Thank you Parent Bloggers Network!] This little volume from Nina Garcia is a lovely thing to hold: elegant, weighty pages and rich illustrations from Ruben Toledo make for a book that calls out to be handled. But handled oh-so carefully! We don’t want our sticky fingers to mar the sleek black surface of the smooth covers!

Sadly, my copy will forever appears utterly used and abused. Fingerprints, spots and a bit of coffee [I’m guessing] adorn the surface. The words made me do it. As luscious as this book is to look at and touch, it’s also an inspiring read. This is not, as I was a little worried, a lecture on body type and quick fixes for your flaws. It is about searching out what you like, who you like and giving yourself the confidence to carry off your own style. Forget trends [mostly] and find the classic pieces and killer accessories – and shoes! – that work for you. There are a very few rules noted [you know there had to be some], but The Little Black Book of Style is meant to be pure motivation. And it is. From the artwork, to style-inspiring movies to watch, to the array of quotations sprinkled throughout the pages.

This whole clothing thing isn’t about covering up the naked bits of who you are. It’s about being who you are and making sure every piece of your wardrobe reflects that. And if it takes picking up a lovely little book every now and then to remind myself of that, I’ll gladly take the inspiration.

I liked:

  • the quality of this book – the colours, the binding, the page weight is all lovely
  • the quotes. From the serious to the off-the-cuff, each one adds something to think about.
  • the tone. Nina Garcia has a great voice throughout and uses it well, to inform, inspire and pull together a series of sources for style discovery.

I disliked:

  • while there was certainly discussion of vintage and finding your wardrobe where ever it may be, there was the occasional moment where it was suggested that it was necessary to seriously splurge on that self-defined all important item to one’s wardrobe. In theory, I agree. My bank account does not necessarily take the same stand.

The verdict:

  • I was incredibly pleasantly surprised with The Little Black Book of Style. It’s not a list of do’s and don’ts. It doesn’t chastise or berate. There is a great deal of inspiration in these pages and some good ideas on how to get off my yoga pants clad ass and find some inspiration of my own. Now to just get out there and do it…

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