and travel shall never the same again

While there are benefits to travelling with a child – skipping past the cue to get through security, getting on the plane first, having the passenger sharing your row change seats so that you can have more elbow room, and getting to book into the hotel early because baby needs a nap – but the vacation itself is a whole other beast than I am used to.

Our usual method of letting it all go and driving around, finding stuff to do or eat doesn’t quite cut it. Touring the city is too boring for babies, shopping is damned near out of the question and timing is everything. Naps interrupt a lot of stuff – especially when the toddler in question won’t nap if something vaguely interesting is going on.

As of yesterday, I thought that, other than my friends’ wedding which was brilliant, this has been the suckiest vacation in which nothing went really wrong. Ever. Complete with the closest Starbucks being a hole in the wall attached to a gas station, an evil, uncomfortable rental car that attacks heads upon entry and exit, a toddler who doesn’t like trendy boutique shops [even for her!] or extended car seat rides, way too much chicken, pasta and rice made in our hotel room and a sketchy car navigation system.

It was also a full moon, so I now blame that for my temporary insanities of yesterday.

We have wonderful hotel with a kitchen so that we can make our own food for Mr.Q and the Magpie and I will gladly look for this brand again. The Magpie has, for all intents and purposes, behaved wonderfully. Starbucks, even with differing lingo, is Starbucks. Gas station or no. And though the navigation system had issues, it did get us nicely to a lot of places. And I did finally get shopping for myself today. A little retail therapy cures many, many ills.

What do you think it’ll take to get a Nordstrom Rack north of the border? I have a few more ills that will need dealing with.

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