what’s a girl to do?

Home again, home again. And while the suitcases are only partly unpacked, I’ve begun transferring photos to edit and upload later. And I’ve been sidetracked by the events unfolding over the past week.

I don’t get to spend nearly as much time online anymore: I put up my flickr photos, write my post here, put up the occasional post on the family-only blog, check facebook for updates and try and read a few blogs that I got into during my maternity leave. Maybe even leave a comment. But really, I am terribly out of the web loop.

Or is that knots?

Though not new news, it’s still in circulation that Facebook doesn’t permit photos of breastfeeding moms, but does nothing [and, as such, condones?] questionable groups. Kids in Brazil, using Google’s orkut, are altering photos from flickr without permission and with some purported scary results. And a prominent ezine has also been accused of using flickr pics without asking.

And now, the forces are rallying. There are flickr groups. There is the League of Maternal Justice. And there are a lot of pissed off parents.

I just don’t know that I have the time to fully be one of them.

Do I like that the Magpie’s photo is someone’s profile picture on orkut? Not really. But the only thing I can really be cranky about is that I have not been credited with the photo, under the terms of the Creative Commons license that I have applied to all my photos. People have honoured that license in the past and it is not a terribly onerous one to abide by. I have sent a pleasant email to the orkut user, requesting credit. And I will be filing a complaint with orkut/Google unless the orkut user responds to me in the next few days. I’m not holding my breath.

Nor will I stop posting photos to flickr. If I desperately wanted to know that my pics would forever stay out of the hands of potential assholes, ignorant interns and thoughtless kids a continent away, I’d post them only on my private blog. But that defeats the purpose of flickr and the community that it fosters. And, while I’m a lot more annoyed with facebook and the ignorance and twisted values that it seems to be promoting, that is one of the few loops that I have right now and I’m not ready to sever my link with some of the friends I’ve reconnected with.

But I can still express my … what? … displeasure at having photos stolen? Disgust with facebook’s inconsistencies and choices? Awareness. It’s about attempting to be an informed traveller of the interweb. Who happens to be a mom. Who breastfeeds and has to now dig up a photo of it to support the Great Virtual Breast Fest. And who does have the time to lend a little support and write a few emails.

6 responses to “what’s a girl to do?

  1. update! the user I pleasantly contacted – and, really!, it was very pleasant – has removed that pic from their profile. I did discover a second orkut user with pics of the Magpie, but an anti-fake profile group has beat me to the punch and posted a stealing photos is illegal post, in two languages, no less.

  2. I’m glad you were able to deal with them so civilly – that is encouraging!

    And I think you nailed it – educating oneself and protecting oneself are part of being good Internet citizens. It’s difficult to remain rational when our kids are involved, but let your experience be a lesson to all of us.

  3. Glad to hear that you were successful. How’d you find the problem in the first place??

    I found you when I did that “???? needs” meme – my blog is Magpie Musing, and your kid is apparently Magpie. And you seem, oh, sympatico?

  4. I had to move all my pictures on flickr to a family and friends posting. My daughter managed to get her baby’s photos removed from one orkut site but she found them on 17 different sites! Common thievery makes me so angry.

    I am so angry with Google for their lack of action against these sites. It goes against the terms of usage they posted on orkut but they haven’t taken action so far and they have made it very difficult for people to complain.

    But now my grands pictures are safe. It was fun posting pictures of them, but I do not want people using them for things I have no control over.

    Exhausting, isn’t it? To be so upset over osmething out of your control

  5. magpie, I was notified by a friend who had found her daughter’s photos there. I guess once one person found out, the word started getting around as more pics were discovered.

    Google is being weird – after the crack down on piracy when they took over You Tube, to a complete disregard with orkut and photos … I guess You Tube was such a high profile thing, and the complainants were high profile as well.

    and, yes, Sandi, exhausting is a good choice of words.

  6. Just to say as one of those mentioned as providing appropriate credit for one of your photos – a very big thank you for sharing them via the CC licence.

    I often wonder if I should drop people a line in addition to making the attribution.

    Your photo was perfect for my post.

    Thanks again

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