Today is the Blog Exchange … but I wasn’t able to connect with my exchangee in time. So, you get to read the post that I sent to her instead! [if I do get her post today, I’ll put it up – check back later in the day and you may get to see another take on orange or black]



Orange has always been one of those colours to love from afar. Until recently, it’s been too wild, too daring a colour for me to try on – in my clothes, in my house. Though in recent years I have played with the fringes of it: a couch whose colour is called paprika, prominently showing off an orange painting that was passed down to us, a burnished lampshade, cautiously acquiring an pumpkin coloured purse and using my daughter as the orange guinea pig. Now, we’re not talking traffic cone orange or orange soda orange, here. There are no violent assaults on the retina. Think deeper, worn shades.

But me? No, I stick to browns and greys and the occassional shot of blue for variety. I have had little daring and tried to find comfort in safety. And it’s not particularly uncomfortable, that safety…. but it’s just there. There’s no grand statement involved, just that uninspiring palette.

Orange can be that warm, rich, earthy, inviting tone that I aspire to while resigning – and assigning – myself to blander, drier things. Bright? Soemetimes. Flattering? Sure, I guess. But never orange.

But I’m starting to warm up to the idea that it’s okay – good, even – to put on that colour. That I can carry it. That it fits me. That I can be and that I am wood flames, earthenware, autumn and amber. It’s a bit of strange thing to have to convince yourself that you really already are what you want to be, but just need a little coaxing. A little coaching. A little confidence. But if I can get to that place where I feel as good in a colour as that colour makes me feel otherwise, then it will have been worth the work.

9 responses to “orange

  1. Burnt orange always screams “1970s” to me, but I have noticed a resurgence of orange in website design recently – six months ago it was green – now it’s orange.

    Great blog btw

  2. Orange is one of those colors that have to be carefully played off. I think my skin tone would offend the orange or vice versa! 🙂

  3. jonathan – my parents only recently changed out a burnt orange / sunflower wallpaper in their laundry room, circa 1970s. it’s probably back in style… :p

    laura – I’m that way with yellow!

  4. I love orange, for me i think it looks flattering. Of course, not so much on a couch or in carpet, though!

  5. I love orange in fall decorations, but my pasty white skin really, really disagrees with it. It does take a bold personality – good for you for agreeing to be bold.

  6. lol orange carpet … I have lived in a few places with it … never ever buy orange carpet !

  7. What a lovely muse about the color orange. And sorry about your partner. That happened to me earlier this year!

  8. I actually really like the color paprika…don’t know why. We recently painted our kitchen a yellow-orange color that I think looks great.

    It is a daring color these days, isn’t it?

  9. This was beautifully expressive.

    In the good news/bad news category, my whole house is orange (painted by previous owner). I really like it, and it’s easy to give directions to visitors. But there’s no hiding it, that’s for sure.

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