my kid, the heroine

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It’s always good to have a strong hero or heroine in a story, using wits and a little bravery to save the day. It’s even better when that heroine of the story is your daughter. Printakid gives you just that story. When the Parent Bloggers Network offered up the chance to get a personalized story book for the Magpie, I took it. Not only did the Magpie get to be in the story, but so did Mr.Q and I and three of her friends.

Though she is, according to their age ranges, still a little young for the book, set for ages 3 to 6 – the stories can be ordered for 3-6 year olds or 7-10 year olds – she was taken by the bright drawings and listened to the simple rhyme schemes throughout the story. She’s starting to pick up more sounds and a few words and payed good [for her] attention to a significant amount of the tale. These are good sized, heavy paged books that come complete with clear pictures and a great story; I can see reading this one a lot in the years to come.

I found the online ordering quite easy and user friendly and the shipping time was great. With six different stories to choose from and an option to include a CD, there is bound to be something for every kid.

I liked:

  • the simple rhymes and the story
  • the larger size and thick pages
  • the absolute biggest like: the fact that my daughter gets to be the heroine of a story and see her friends and family as characters in the book, too.

I disliked:

  • the illustrations didn’t do much for me, personally, but the Magpie seems to like them so, really, how can I seriously complain?
  • it initially struck me as odd that all her friends in the book we ordered were totally covered up – a knight in full armour, an eskimo-esque fisherwoman in a hooded parka and a desert dweller with a full head wrap – but I suspect it won’t be difficult to explain to the Magpie that it’s her friends in dress-up. I’m the more difficult sell on that one, and I wonder how difficult it would have been to at least make the friends a little customizable…

The verdict:

  • The idea of being able to see your child in a story where she is the strong, smart heroine who saves the day, with the help of her friends and family has, of course, a very strong appeal for me, and Printakid delivers – complete with a great little rhyming story and colourful pictures to match. Even if the drawings aren’t my thing, they attracted the Magpie and that is what counts. With a dedication at the beginning of the book, these stories have gifts-from-grandparents written all over them. As it is, I’m very glad we had the chance to get this one.

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