mid week photo op

Remember that I made mention of the League of Maternal Justice? Remeber the fiasco with Facebook and their mixed up messages and inconsistent enforcement of their terms?

Well, here I am, this week, posting a mid week photo of a nearly 16 month old. Oh yeah, and she’s nursing. In the window seat that faces my front walk [okay, so you’ll just have to take my word on that part but, really, that’s where we were].

I have never, personally, had a problem while breastfeeding in public, though now that we’re down to two or three times a day, there’s not really any call for it any more. In the past, I have used the allocated mall bathroom corners, I have searched out the beautifully appointed Mother’s Rooms and I have breastfed in the middle of the food court and on park benches. I suspect that my sketchy vision came in good use here: one of the benefits of having a bad eye is that you can easily ignore half of the hairy eyeballs that may be directed your way.

Regardless, most of the moms I know breastfed at least a little and there were next to no qualms about baring a breast. It’s almost bizarre to me to hear that people get harassed for it. And on the internet – places like facebook? They need to get their shit together: go G rated or set your boundaries and stick with them. Across the board.

Wanna get involved? Check out the League of Maternal Justice and the Great Virtual Breast Fest that they’re holding on October 10th. Join in and show a little support. Breasts can always use a little more support.

6 responses to “mid week photo op

  1. That’s such a beautiful photo. I try to get one of me and Katie but she squirms when she sees the camera. Crazy kid.

  2. That whole facebook thing is totally stupid. They should be less dumb about things like that, eh.

  3. That’s a lovely photo.

    I can’t find a single picture of me nursing my girl. I wish I had one.

  4. Facebook has a problem with breasts yet I had a friend who sent me an image on my superwall the other day that was of a man with a huge visible appendage;)

    Some people need to get a life.
    I nursed my daugher until she was 2. It was hard for us to stop…it was special time for the both of us.

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