but, she’ll still remember who we are … right?

The Magpie could be going to daycare in two months.

Two months.

While I’ve been off this week, we did another facility tour and spoke with yet another facility in an attempt to tour there. We’re on the list for both of these places and have been since January 2006. And one suggested that we might have a spot. When we wanted it. December 1.

That is insanely, unbelievably, scarily soon.

My baby, whom we were able to keep home for an extra eight months because of Mr.Q’s parental leave, is about to be flung out into the big bad world of playrooms, nap rooms, snack time and a dozen or so toddlers. Oh yeah, and strangers as caregivers. Educated, accredited, experienced strangers, but strangers none the less.

Daycare was and always has been the plan and she is turning into a social creature rapidly who will do fine – thrive – with a little more regular toddler interaction. It’s just kind of snuck up on me and seeing little ones her age happy at their daycare made me both happy and slightly petrified. Have I mentioned that this could be happening soon??

As it is, we haven’t heard back from that daycare yet. There were a few people ahead of us to be called and they each get time to respond before moving down the list. And we only have two months to figure this out. Because if the Magpie isn’t going to be hanging out with a bunch of toddlers and a few strangers, she’ll need her very own stranger in the form of a nanny and I suspect that takes a little time to arrange, too.

3 responses to “but, she’ll still remember who we are … right?

  1. I can only imagine how difficult that’s going to be – entrusting somebody with your children.

    We have all this to come, but for the first few years are *hoping* to survive on just my money.

    It’s a huge unknown for us at the moment.

  2. It’ll be fine.

    We had a nanny for a while, but stuck the kid in daycare as soon as she was old enough and there was a slot. It rocks. She loves it, I love it, there are so many wonderful things about it.

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