the foreseeable fatigue

I’m getting over it: the Magpie will be going to daycare soon.

Mostly, I’m getting over it because I am exhausted – staying up until my usual time of around 10 or 10:30, but getting up a little earlier each morning, for some strange reason. The reason that I’m getting up isn’t strange, but we have no idea what is possessing our daughter to push the clock back 15 minutes each day.

And, of course the times that we try to leave her for a few extra minutes, she ends up with a diaper crisis. The days we get up with her? Nothing for hours. So we’re guilted into checking on her. Either that, or she has mastered complete and utter control over her digestive system, the likes of which can not be found in any other living mammal.

And right before we start daycare? Daylight savings time. Yep, 5:30 am will become 4:30 am. For at least a few days at the beginning of November, I will be getting up at 4:30 am. There is not enough coffee at work – and this is the west coast, people, and there are three coffee shops within half a block of my building and two coffee pots in our lunch room – to get me through that. At least the Mapgie and Mr.Q will get to nap. It’ll just be at 10:30 …. heh. That is going to be one messed up week…

One response to “the foreseeable fatigue

  1. I hate the time changes. Hate them! It takes me so long to adjust and then we change again! My biological clock is getting old and hates to make adjustments! I can’t imagine what it would be like with a toddler beginning daycare AND the stress of a job. The job almost did me in when I was teaching.

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