mid week photo op

Ah, the birthday present from Mr.Q, earlier this month: a little wifi card that sits in my Palm Pilot and allows me to access the internet at all those coffee houses to now offer wireless access.

You would think that would allow me to get some reading done during the week – you know, when I’m not doing yoga or booking lunch dates with friends [the only time I get to see some of them].

But today – today I had time! I had a lunch date cancellation and I got a table at the coffee shop downstairs. I got my lunch and I set up. And discovered I had less than 10% battery power and that meant I got warning messages every minute, reminding me that I was being cut off from accessing some larger applications and was in danger of being cut off completely at any moment.

Damn it.

So, now the Palm is getting its life giving charge. And we’ll try again tomorrow. So far, my usual lunch date hasn’t confirmed her availability… I may get around the interweb yet!

2 responses to “mid week photo op

  1. Interesting… I never thought about using my mobile phone with my palm pilot (having recently lost my Macbook to my other half, it might be a rather good idea).

    I’m guessing the browser is going to be the problem on the Palm though – they have perhaps the worst browser (Blazer) in the known universe…

  2. heh – the three times that I’ve used it briefly, I have definitely questioned the merits of Blazer…

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