no wonder we needed a new toothbrush

It’s official: the Magpie has broken through with three new teeth. And she’s pissy. The fourth one is probably on the way.

Mr.Q isn’t sure whether they’re all molars or a pair of molars and the canines as he’s just going by having his finger bitten – no one has actually had a good look yet. Poor critter. It does explain a lot, though.

And, she will hopefully get the worst of this over before she has to start daycare. That assumes that we’re able to get through all the paperwork we received in order to get her in the front door. Apparently we have to sign a lot of permissions and leave a lot of phone numbers. But, while they want to know the name of her ophthalmologist and dentist and have us sign if we want them to use any diaper cream, there are no questions about how many teeth she has.

3 responses to “no wonder we needed a new toothbrush

  1. Good luck with the teeth. I had a friend whose mom just had the kids chew on a wooden spoon.

    Oh those forms. They only get worse as little lady gets older.

    [And thanks for the friend invite over at NaBloPoMo!!]

  2. oh teeth! my little guy just cut three last week two (#7-9). good luck dealing with this stage – they are cranksters when the teeth come through (well, sometimes)!

  3. The forms! And does she even HAVE a dentist? For all those teeth?

    We had to do a form recently for the beginning of a new classroom – it totally brought out the snark in me: can child serve self from big container to own dish? well, no, why would i even think of trying such a thing. Stuff like that about ability.

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