I blog, therefore I have no time

It’s true.

I totally and completely suck. I have been far too busy these last couple of weeks and this is the kind of time when I need to get in front of the computer and catch up with all your goings on – let you know that I am reading [at least, skimming, honest!] and catch a break from everything.

And this is, of course, exactly when I don’t get to.

So, in among work, on call, toddlerdom and trying to connect with friends and practice the occasional song for my music lessons, we have officially added Test Driving New Cars to the list of things we do. And that sucks. Particularly when you run into crazy inconsistencies like prices that are eight to ten thousand dollars more for the exact same car [sometimes, even the cheaper car has more stuff] that is offered a mere hour away.

Except, in that hour, you get across the border and into the States.

Oh, but the car dealers in the States won’t sell you the car. Because they’re assholes like that.

Yeah, it’s making life fun, I tell ya. And busy.

In other news, Dumbledore is gay. The Magpie loves red pepper.

Now you are up to date.

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