goddamnit – it’s not a full moon yet!

It may be getting close [94% full as I type this], but you would think that it was the roundest blue full moon in the universe.

Transit was insane this morning and people didn’t take the seats proffered. Work wasn’t busy, but it was weird – things were late, others were early. Better yet, my mother and my sister are starting to discuss Christmas.

It is too damned early to start talking Christmas. I have to get past Hallowe’en. I have to figure out how many people I have to buy for. I have to draft the annual letter. And then, maybe then, I’ll actually get around to getting to a mall. This year, that’ll be the end of November when I have three days off specifically for shopping. Until then, I have to put off my mother and my sister. I don’t want lists or hints or ideas for others. And I won’t be able to think of lists for me, Mr.Q or the family.

Okay, maybe after the full moon passes, things’ll be different.

2 responses to “goddamnit – it’s not a full moon yet!

  1. I can’t stand all the Christmas hype in October (heck – some places start in September). I’m with you on getting at least past Halloween.

  2. I couldn’t be more with you on this one.
    Of course, my MIL already bought all her presents. I kid you not. It’s why we keep an Amazon wishlist available all year long. We never know when she’s going to shop and at least this way we get stuff we like/need rather than more soap or odd jewelry.

    it’s insane.

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