mid week photo op

My bland, yet oh-so functional washer and dryer set [okay, so this is mostly the dryer, but you get the idea]. Here, seen complete with a bottle of cat thyroid meds in the bottom left corner! You’re welcome, I left the cat litter out of the photo.

These little beasties are being used ever so much more of late, despite the fact that the Magpie grows more food savvy everyday and can keep nearly all her dinner away from her clothes. Nor does the fall mud find it’s way onto each item of clothing. Most of the time, I have no idea if the clothes I’m washing are clean or dirty. They are simply on the floor.

Normally, clothing in a heap on the floor would simply indicate dirty clothes and a bad aim and that would be the end of the investigation. But the Magpie has figured out drawers. And Mr.Q hasn’t figured out how to get her to put stuff back. And, since I’m at work five out of seven days each week, I have no concept of what wardrobe changes she has undergone throughout the week, never mind in a given day.

So I wash it all.

And, apparently, it is a lot.

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