on the eve of all hallows’ eve

I continue to nibble extensively on little chocolate bars. Bars of insignificant size, when viewed individually. Even each of their little wrappers don’t look like much.

But there is a noticeable decline in the level of treats in the bowl. But I’ve decided not to notice that. And, there are two new, unopened boxes of little chocolate bars that have been placed high atop the dining room hutch – far out of my reach.

Tomorrow, shortly after I get home, I’ll have to man [person?] the door and hand out all that candy to little critters dressed up for my amusement – and theirs – while Mr.Q take the Magpie around for her first Hallowe’en. Apparently, we should be worried about the Magpie getting scared, though I’m more worried about her getting scared by everyone else’s costumes instead of the houses that she visits.

Besides, her loot from her travels around the block will replenish my dwindling stash supplies.

we interrupt tomorrow’s mid week photo op for a review – be sure to read and then check back Thursday for the pic. and, then, Friday is November 1: the start of nablopomo! A whole month full of daily posts – can you contain yourself??

2 responses to “on the eve of all hallows’ eve

  1. um…. really? holy crap – you’ve perfected time travel!

    😛 happy hallowe’en and try again tomorrow! (will want to see your pics of you & Hailey too)

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