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So what does it take to be a girl these days? Does it really have to be all about dolls wearing next to nothing, cell phones video games? Thank god for my sanity in the form of The Daring Book for Girls (sent to me courtesy of the Parent Bloggers Network). [does the title sound familiar? the authors do acknowledge the inspiration of a similar work for boys…]

You name it, there is something in this book for every girl: crafts, sports, role models, history and stuff every person should know. Most of which I didn’t: a good knot? Um… I’m lucky if my shoes stay done up. But, now I have the reference to tie up anything. [okay. this is a review for a kid’s book: don’t go there]

There are things to do with your friends; there are things to work on those days when you want to be by yourself. And there is simply a tonne to learn [I’m not sure that my Canadian girl needs to know all the State flowers or all the Bill of Rights, but, really, neither can hurt and the concepts from the Bill of Rights certainly don’t hurt.], and a tonne to try and succeed at. And none of it involves skanky dolls or sitting slack-jawed in front a computer screen.

I liked:

  • the variety. From the rules of basketball to palmistry to hiking to how to set your first salary to inspiring true tales of daring women throughout history, there is literally something for every one.
  • the simplicity. It’s all about how to make your own stuff. Easily and, so, successfully. How better to built a girl’s confidence in herself?
  • the breadth. Yes, there are some strong references for American girls, but there is a little Canadian content and references and knowledge from many other cultures.

I disliked:

  • honestly, nothing. Really and truly. I will admit to being a little surprised to seeing palmistry, ouija boards and light as a feather, stiff as a board, since, while they hold no issue whatsoever with me, I could see them being contentious ones for some. There were things, of course, that weren’t as of much interest to me, but when a book has something for everyone, not everything will be for someone in particular. But, how else is a girl to find out what she likes?

The verdict:

  • This is brilliant. Really and truly. I’ve already shown it to the Magpie [okay, so she only really likes the sketches]. Mr.Q and I settled into our own personal ruts long ago and there are things we are just not cut out to show her when she is older. What if she turns out to like building or fixing things? We’d never know and neither would she. But, if she finds inspiration and confidence in a book like this and if it can help us facilitate her new loves of the day, then The Daring Book for Girls will have been as great an investment as I think it is.

3 responses to “dare for your girl to do her own thing

  1. This is so cool. I just put this on my Amazon wishlist like a week ago and have been second guessing myself thinking, man, the kid isn’t technically even a year and half old! How useful could it be?
    So cool to hear it’s worth the hype.

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