Day One

Mr.Q took the Magpie to daycare today.

That sounds so much more serious and profound than it was.

Mr.Q took the Magpie to a daycare today, where she ran around and played with a handful of other toddlers while he sat in the same room and went over paperwork with the supervisor for an hour and a half and then they left. Wednesday, she stays for three hours, Friday is four and half and, by the end of next week, she could be staying full days. Even only going part time – three days a week, and next Monday is a holiday – she could be doing full days by the end of next week.

It all went disturbingly well. She left Mr.Q and interacted with the other kids and the care workers. She wasn’t clingy or confused. But, no one tried to pick her up or change her diaper or ask her father to leave the room, so all is not entirely safe yet. But, regardless, it was a really good start.

It’s probably far better that Mr.Q was the one involved. Though there has been a slight shift in parental preferences, now that I’ve been back at work full time since June, the Magpie is still a little clingier to me in those cling-worthy cases – like new people and places – than she is with Mr.Q. But, she obviously likes the place. Which is good, because we do too.

Now we just have to convince her to take a nap there…

3 responses to “Day One

  1. Glad it’s all gone well! A great start.

    I know we’ve just started kindy at it’s not the same (only 2.5 hours, 3 times a week) but it’s taking a while for everything to settle down. Everyone is still tired and getting used to our new routine, but overall it’s great! I’m sure it will be great for you too.

  2. it’s hard but it’s good. and they’ll teach her to nap. or rather, the herd mentality will help her to nap.

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