mid week photo op

God damn it. I knew this was going to happen: the Magpie goes to daycare and I have to start doing crafts.

I don’t do crafts.

As evidenced, here, by my cheapo dollar store scissors, fancy coloured Sharpies [and you know that the only thing better than a Sharpie is a Post-It Note] and gifs stolen from discovered on the vast interweb. Oh, and the million little trimmings of paper because I can’t cut in a straight line [or curved line or any intentional line] to save my life.

We [ and I use the term loosely] had to make a little collage for daycare. Apparently all the little kids love them… It had to have our photos and any pets or relatives or anything, really, that the Magpie would like. So, she gets us, her pets, a dragon, a bug and a fish. No scalloped edges, no glitter glue.

But I did print her name to go at the top in a totally awesome font.

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