I’m tired. I’m headachey. After all this, I’d bloody well better not get the flu.

Bad enough that the last few nights have been short on sleep as it is, and that I apparently ate something that didn’t agree with me over the weekend. Now, I’ve thrown attenuated flu virus in on top of it and my body seems to be debating the merits of mutiny. But, I work in health care. I have a toddler at home. The shot was being offered. And there’s a prize box.

Nobody wins anything until the New Year – vaccines are being given throughout the region through Christmastime – but, hey, I’ll fall for the gift certificate carrot, even if it means piling another item on the to do list for my immune system.

It’s flu shot season folks, and if you are at risk, or are in contact with those who are, please consider getting vaccinated!

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