Day 1.1

Okay, technically it’s the Magpie’s third day at daycare, so I suppose this could be Day 1.2 or 1.1.1 depending on your system, but it’s only the second time I’ve blogged it, so it’s 1.1.

Enough of that.

Today, Mr.Q left her. For the whole morning. He hung around for half an hour or so, went and visited people at his work and came back in time for lunch. I called as I was going for lunch at 12:30 and they were just getting home. Mr.Q informed me that she cried when he left – he said bye bye to her and she started saying bye bye to everybody, thinking she was leaving, too – but the staff at the daycare said that she only cried a little, but not enough to warrant a get your ass back here now phone call. And she was totally chipper and happy when Mr.Q came back to see her – no evidence of recent tears and no hurt toward him.

I, of course, stopped listening once I heard that she had cried when he left and cried while he was gone.

I’d been tired [exhausted] all morning and this just kind of tipped me over the edge. I came back from lunch in a rather foul mood and even started plotting all sorts of evil; it was a very good thing that I had some work to do in a room by myself or I may have done some interpersonal damage… It took me a good hour to figure out that I was stressing about my baby and not any concocted sleights.

My baby who, upon further investigation, only whined a little when Mr.Q left and who let the staff feed her a snack and change a diaper without incident. She did, apparently, get a little sad during circle time, but not all can be perfect. Now, I just have to worry about her next Wednesday, when she is supposed to go from 9 – 3. Five days after her last daycare day…

Maybe I’ll take a mental health day.

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