I’m being forced into domesticity

Okay, so remember the arts and crafts? I did it. It looks pretty damned good, for a little cardboard house with a few photos stuck on it, too, thank you very much!

But, now, things are getting out of hand. I’ve been made to iron. Repeatedly. Using little strips of label, and attempting to line it up nicely on little tiny clothes, most of which explicitly state: Do Not Iron.

Like crafting, I do not iron. However, the labels appear to be stuck and rumour has it that they stick well, so I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that this process does not need to be repeated until spring when I must prepare new clothes to send to daycare.

How am I to reconcile all this? Part of my pro-daycare rant was that the Magpie would be introduced to all the artsy and craftsy things that Mr.Q and I do not subscribe to. And yet, here I am, doing them! Not well, mind you, but she’s not even a year and a half – what does she care? God, the next thing you know, I’ll be sewing something like a button or [gasp!] hemming a pant!

bahahahahaha…. okay, not really, but the hyperbole was effective, no?

But, really, this is getting serious. Mr.Q has to head out and pick up a few things for the Magpie’s daycare kit tomorrow and I may have him also purchase a glue stick. For me. I have the feeling I’m going to need one.

Yep, things, they are a changing around here! More about that tomorrow!!

4 responses to “I’m being forced into domesticity

  1. me too 🙂 but, it’s way beyond my talents – check out the sidebar credit and link for The Blog Cafe!

  2. Oh no no no! That is why you SEND them to day care. You pay someone else to be crafty with them.

    And play with Play Doh. I hate cleaning up Play Doh.

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