blogging while distracted

Pushing Daisies is on.

I am in love with the Pie Maker. Loooove. As much as Hawksley Workman? That depends on the day. Okay, so Pushing Daisies deals with death, murder and unrequited love, but it is now my new favourite.

I am also supposed to be getting a lunch and snacks ready for the Magpie’s third day of daycare since I’ve decided that it’s not a good idea to leave these things until the morning. But you can see how well that’s working….

But, fortunately, you get to look around here at the new facade, thanks to The Blog Cafe! I won a template from Ciao! My Bella a while ago, right before the owner decided to change tacks and create The Blog Cafe. Take a look around here, and take a look around there – it’s always good to have a new look!

2 responses to “blogging while distracted

  1. Great new look! I love changing my blog around all the time. I’m a bit restless like that.

    The colours look great šŸ™‚

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