I mean what I mean and I know what I mean, so why doesn’t everyone else?

How’s that for clarity and simplicity?

I attended a Clear Writing course today; a co-worker of my husband has been organizing a series of daily writing workshops for those in the company who may be interested and those of us who she knows are interested. While this workshop was geared more toward the technical writer [which is applicable to my work], I was curious to see how it might also be applicable in my journaling and creative endeavours.

Now, I have no delusions. I am wordy. I have been accused of verbosity since I began writing in the workplace. I think, in my shorter reports, it’s a cover-your-ass kind of thing: the more info I put down, the less likely it is that it will come back to haunt me later. There can be no questions. Apparently, more words doesn’t actually make for more information and a clearer document. Sadly, it appears to make things more convoluted and more unattractive to the reader.


But I’m still not quite certain how to – or even if I should – apply that here. There are certainly some tactics that would be useful, but there is simply no way to treat my journaling like a technical brief and cull it down to the nitty gritty basics and leave it at that. It does me no good to post like that, and I’d be really, really surprised if that kept my [oh so many!] readers engaged.

A lot of my posting here is written on the fly. Not all, but most. I may put thought into the topic, I may contemplate how I want the thing to flow, and I hit the spell check, but I have yet to revise something as critically as I would have in high school or university. And I have never consciously removed redundancies or filler phrases to aid in clarity and conciseness.

So, it begs the question: how far do you go in your editing of the daily posts?

4 responses to “I mean what I mean and I know what I mean, so why doesn’t everyone else?

  1. Sometimes I spit it out and run away, but other times a post will take me an hour or so to write because I’m constantly gonig back and changing it, or thinking of how I want things to sound. I enjoy both versions. Sometimes it’s good to just get thoughts out, other times it’s fun to really put thought into what I’m saying and play with the words.

    I was just thinking yesterday, actually, that I feel self concious sometimes putting up more thought-out posts, cause they may seem contrived among my more “write the way I talk” kind of posts. Heh, doesn’t stop me though.

    And whichever way you decide to write, you’ll keep ME reading! 🙂 (After all, judging by this comment, we seem to be quite alike in our… verbosity? Is that even a word?)

    Happy Sunday! 🙂

  2. I try desperately NOT to edit what I blog. I check my actual blog for major typos or spelling errors but never grammatical errors. The daily blog I do for the family about the Kid I spend more time proofing but I still tend to let it go.

    Letting it go is much harder than it should be but I tend to be a perfectionist so I look at it as a way to prove to myself that the world will still turn if I spell something wrong or dare to use run on after run on sentence.

  3. Sometimes they just happen. Others need tweaking, crafting, worrying to come out right.

    I hate hitting ‘post’ and then discovering a typo or other egregious error.

  4. I seldom edit…maybe check for typos which look like spelling errors. I have no keyboarding skillz

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