Sunday Edition

technology passes me by [and sometimes – coughBloggercough – slows me down]

Relevant links:

note to self: Check required computer specifications before downloading third party software and launching it. Computer may crash. Repeatedly, because though you thought that the first time may just have been a fluke, it wasn’t.

2 responses to “Sunday Edition

  1. oh, Blogger, what the hell are you doing? do we really need two of me? okay, so one of me is defective, and of no consequence other than to annoy, but still…

    you may drive me back to YouTube yet.

  2. Lol, ok.. well I for one had never heard of second life.. I thought for about 30 seconds you were talking about it as in after life, as in, after death, lol. Maybe I will have to have a look around too!

    I’m spending way too much time on facebook too.. my Naboo has been racing your Wilson quite a bit.. and it’s scary how much time I can spend looking at fake things racing on a screen.. not only that, but betting ‘munny’ on it too. Crazy world.

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