dangerous admissions

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Are you kidding me? Who has time for reading when there is a toddler running around with a runny nose, 3 1/2 molars and a distaste for any scrap of floor not covered in toys or books? Yet I still grabbed the chance to read Dangerous Admissions when the Parent Bloggers Network offered it up. Because I love reading. And I’m delusional.

But this is not my general genre; chick-lit esque murder mystery ain’t my thing. I’m normally into one of a select few magazines, something educational or full of quirky funny bits, or novels with a more … fantastical bent. But, hey, I’m willing to expand my horizons and take on death and conspiracy in an upscale New York private school. And I am glad I did.

The characters are quirky, fault-filled and likable [except for the ones you’re not supposed to like]. There are some leaps of faith that need to be taken [would she really do that?] along with plenty of red herrings and some obvious 2x4s over the head. But these are no more to swallow than the events of any evening drama and they’re not so large that you can’t move past them. The teens are angsty, the adults have full plates of work, dating, kids and secrets. And you get to read it all from several points of view.

The author did a great job of flipping back and forth between several characters throughout the book – it kept things interesting and was never confusing. Everyone was brought a little more to life with better views of their logic, their irrationalities and their needs. And that made for a great read.

I liked:

  • what do you need for any juicy little bit of fun? Sex, drugs and rock and roll. [um, okay, a little tiny mention of rock and roll, but it’s in there!] Add in murder, put it in New York and you’ve got a nice little escape.
  • I really got to the point where I wanted to keep reading – forget that I had said I was only going to read two chapters, one more couldn’t hurt and maybe it would settle a theory I had.

I disliked:

  • the setting, while making for that escapism, is a little too far removed from my Small Town High School or even my Current City for me. I never bought into 90210 or the OC as even being vaguely realistic and I had the occasional similar issue with the private school in the novel. I’m sure these places to exist and these events really do happen … I just don’t always get it.
  • okay, this is minor, but the cover kind of bugged me. And the subtitle.

The verdict:

  • this really is a great little read. It’s not heavy and it won’t change your world, but it will make for a great way to take a little me-time, or make that commute on the bus go a little faster. But, careful, you may find yourself keeping tabs on a few of the regular riders. You know, just in case …

2 responses to “dangerous admissions

  1. Adding it to my list also….I have a stack I need to finish before getting to my list! THis sounds like it might be fun

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