a strategically placed chair covers the spot that needs cleaning

After all that I’m told happened today – spilled milk, baby baking sessions [that’s the baby doing the baking] & gravy at suppertime – it’s not the baby who has created the mess that requires the most clean up. It’s the dog.

The dog. The dog who, because of his progressive losses of hearing of vision, gets stressed out more easily. And the dog who is progressively losing his kidney function.

We’ve had it easy – he’s had it easy – this past year and a half because either I or Mr.Q has been home to cater to his every whim. But, this evening we were otherwise occupied with baby bath time upstairs and, for whatever reason, Leo did not see fit to make his way up the steps to find us to inform someone of his need to go outside. Could be his progressive, severe arthritis in his hips. So, he peed on the carpet.

Now, it’s carpet that I want to desperately replace anyway. And it’s carpet that needs a good clean anyway. But that’s not how I wanted to spent my evening – on my knees, blotting up puppy pee. At least our carpet spot cleaner states that the carpet has to be completely dry before using.

That means Mr.Q gets to do the scrubbing tomorrow morning when I’m at work.

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