mid week photo op

So, this is the photo that Mr.Q took today for the 365 project we’re doing on flickr.

They went to go for a walk around the lake after daycare today.

On a gorgeous, sunny [cold] day, after a nearly tearless daycare 1/2 day – including a long nap with no soother – they went and visited ducks and walked the boardwalk and took photos.

Why am I at work, again?

3 responses to “mid week photo op

  1. Terrific photo. Can you join the 365 project on Flikr any time?

    You work ’cause you are awesome.

  2. I agree. Totally gorgeous photo.

    And to make you feel better about working and missing out on a great day? Just ask me some day about a more typical SAHM day, where nothing gets done and the tantrums have begun. ; )
    It’s then I wonder, “Why am I not working?”

  3. We work because me must earn our means to survive.

    The photo is quite nice, I like the stillness of the water.

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